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before your first big adventure with your new little one, read up on some road trip advice from our very wise friends. fitness tips while pregnant. q+a with ...

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Place baby’s right arm alongside the body, slightly bent. Take the same side of the accouter and pull it securely across baby’s arm and chest, tucking the fabric under the baby. Leave the left arm free.


Feb 22, 2016 ... Aden – A Minimal WordPress Blog Theme for WordPress Aden Theme is a simple, easy to use, clean, and modern WordPress...

Tiesto - Club Life 630: Jonas Aden Guest Mix

Newborns have been swaddled for thousands of years. It’s a simple, proven way to ensure your baby feels safe and warm as they adjust to life outside the womb. It also helps combat overstimulation and prevents the newborn startle reflex from waking baby from restful sleep. Read more about the  benefits of swaddling .


Oct 18, 2018 ... The Pocahontas Community Hospital is honored to have Susie Aden recognized as a 2018 Iowa Hospital Hero! It is often said that a facilities ...

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June 4, 2019   Dear Friends of Draper Aden Associates:   The events that occurred in Virginia Beach on Friday are horrific and incredibly disheartening.  The Engineers’ Creed states that we will place “the public welfare above all other considerations.”  As an individual who has spent all 44 years of his career aggravating to uphold this standard, I am at a loss that this type of tragedy has befallen the engineering community and the City of Virginia Beach.   Although it is difficult to know what to do at a time like this, there is no doubt that the victims leave abaft families and loved ones who will suffer financial burdens in the future.  The United Way of Hampton Roads has set up a fund to receive money for the victims’ loved ones. Donations can be made at Additionally, the City of Virginia Beach has created a website account the upcoming Memorial Services and Volunteer...


Swaddling is simple and easy with aden + anais. Check out our how to swaddle video + step-by-step swaddling guide, complete with helpful pictures. We'll have  ...

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American Heart Association (AHA) recently launched its 4th Annual Hard Hats with Heart accident in the Triangle and will also host again in Richmond, Virginia, on the evening of September 17th. As AHA continues to raise awareness of heart health, Draper Aden Associates continues living out its commitment to AHA’s mission. Our goal as a partner, and as a firm, is to create a Lasting Positive Impact and Build Something Remarkable with those in the communities we serve while drawing awareness to heart disease, which affects many Americans.   For the past two years, Draper Aden Associates has sponsored Hard Hats with Heart's Tools for Schools program, in the Triangle and in Richmond. Hard Hats with Heart benefits AHA's commitment to be a relentless force for a world of longer and healthier lives and focuses, specifically, on the construction industry's elevated risk. As the program’s sponsor, Draper Aden Associates donates the use...


I am the owner of Aden Home Care and have been dealing with a loved one with dementia. I have been dealing with all of this for 7 years now. My great-aunt is ...

How to swaddle a baby

  DAA is pleased to announce the barrage of our new website at While planning the design of our new site, we felt it was important to keep our valued clients and frequent site visitors top of mind. Our mission was to create a user-friendly, functional and acknowledging experience for the viewer. Please take a look at some of the updated features below or in the quick video above:   User-Friendly Find what you need in a pinch with our fast and acknowledging layout. Easily navigate to any section on the same or different page with enjoyable user experience on any device or screen size using our bland page transitions feature.   Visual Appeal We’ve updated and improved our adumbration to a contemporary look and feel, using professional high-end photography. With clean white space, our blog and project portfolio are now showcased in a grid-like format, giving the user a decluttered view of our work.   Targeted Content Find...

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Read our blog for the latest company news and articles about Draper Aden, a civil engineering firm with office locations in Virginia and North Carolina.

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At DAA, we are proud to be a values-oriented firm. We are fortunate to employ exceptional professionals in the industry who make it their mission to live out our firm's values through their work, in their personal lives, and in the community. This month, we are pleased to highlight Anthony Parker who is a valued aggregation player on our Underground Transmission & Distribution team. Let's apprentice more about him below: Name: Anthony Parker Title: Designer I Division: UT&D Hometown: Caroline County, Virginia Birthday: August 31   How long have you been with the firm and what inspired you most about joining Draper Aden Associates? I have been with Draper for almost two years. The opportunity to help different communities is what inspired me to join.   Please share with us a few details with us about your role at DAA. Being a Designer I am heavily involved in the assets of underground and overhead routes for a confidential client. I am...

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Book Cheap Flights from Aden to Kuala Lumpur: Search and compare airfares on TripAdvisor to find the best flights for your trip to Kuala Lumpur. Choose the ...

Cheap flights from Aden (ADE) to Kuala Lumpur (KUL)

  Leaving a lasting, positive impact is added than our mission. It additionally applies to added than our projects and services. It represents the ethos of our close and drives us to do added for those in the communities we serve. A tangible example of our firm’s charge to this philosophy was evident at Princess Anne Country Club in Virginia Beach on May 20, 2019.   On that day, Draper Aden Associates donated $10,000 to the Virginia Gentlemen Foundation at the group’s invitational golf tournament. This philanthropic support will help the Foundation in its mission to raise awareness and funds to find a cure for ALS, additionally known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.   The Virginia Gentlemen Foundation is a home-grown nonprofit that was founded in Virginia Beach in 2007. For over a decade, the organization has rallied the community and the region in many ways, quickly becoming a leading fundraiser for the National ALS Society...

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